I don’t know if you’ve heard about the office supplies brand Poppin. but you sure need to check it out. I was blinded by love – er – color as soon as I visited the website. (Poppin. products are only sold via their e-commerce .com.) And it has been happily-ever-after since.

The whole point of the products are to help you “work happy”. What could be a better company mantra? Office supplies specifically designed with me in mind? Wanting to make me smile every time I pick up a pen? Yes, sign me up! (With a gel ink pen of course.) Poppin. believes – and now so do I – that we decorate our homes with love, so why should we not decorate our work space with just as much care?

A few of my favorites so you know where to start:

1) White Inboxes (above, $24) to keep my papers in order. I like how they stack off-center, making it easy to see what I filed in the bottom box. Clean and simple.

2) Lime green pen cup (above, $6) with a useful divider. I can easily organize my pens from pencils and highlighters from markers. The electric color livens up my desk space.

3) Pink Signature Pens (above, $12). As a writer, pens are a must. I’m not always at a laptop to type out my thoughts so a good ol’ pen comes in handy. These hot pink ones cheer me up even during writer’s block.

If all else fails and you just aren’t happy at work, at least you will be working happy with these bright, cheery accessories. Go on, check it out by using design-a-desk so you can see what you’re missing and what you’re space will look like before you order.