The summer months are a great time for home improvement projects like building a deck, pressure-washing the siding of your home, staining a deck, patio or porch, landscaping and lots more. Homeowners spend countless hours (and money!) working on projects around the house instead of spending time with family and friends. Here are some of the best summer home improvement tips so you can enjoy the warm sun and not spend your summer working on the house.

  1. Routine maintenance makes it easier in the long run. By keeping up on house projects like gutters, repairs on appliances, siding or roof issues, and even doing some painting in areas that are faded, chipped or soiled.
  2. Start your landscaping projects in early summer. To avoid the excessive heat of summer, do your landscaping early in the summer when it’s cooler; till your garden and start planting (but be sure that the last frost has come and gone so your budding plants won’t die), install any structures like fountains or fire-pits, and stain your deck, patio or porch to keep it looking great for summer activities and events.
  3. Check out your air-conditioner before it gets too hot. Turn it off and then inspect it to make sure it’s in good working order before you have to use it. It’s better to make any repairs now than realizing it’s broke when the temperature outside is 90°.
  4. If you need to hire a contractor to do summer projects, do you research first. Before you hire anyone, research each contractor you’re looking at to make sure they are legit and have lots of good customer reviews. There are many ways to check them, such as checking out their website to see if they have any customer reviews posted, inquiring with the Better Business Bureau, and even contacting one or two of their previous customers to see how the work was, if they were on time, and if they’re affordable.