One of the most difficult aspects of making great memories, is the need to store everything associated with them. I run into this all the time as I tend to be a memories hoarder. That scrap of paper with my grandmothers hand writing, of course I need it. Movie ticket stubs from over ten years ago, yup, I need those too. I have realized though, much of memorabilia simply becomes clutter in my life. I have been on a mission to try and find practical ways to save the things which I am most sentimental about and to repurpose them into useful things.


Jessica Boctor Choir Dress Quilt


This is my choir dress quilt. I was in choir from seventh grade to twelfth grade. Some of my favorite memories were of my choir performances in junior and high school. I held onto the three dresses which I wore for quite a few years, but eventually I just couldn’t justify holding onto dresses which would never fit me again and were horrendously ugly to boot. So I decided to make a quilt of the dresses.

Jessica Boctor Choir Dress Quilt Dress Pieces


I cut each of the pieces of the dresses apart by using a seam ripper. Then, like a puzzle, I rearranged the dress pieces and put them together into one large quilt. There is no pattern to the quilt but is rather random. However, if you look close you can recognize the sections which were once bodices, sashes or sleeves.  I found some orange crushed velvet which brought out the color of gold orange from one of the dress bodices. I used this as my backing for my quilt. To keep the fabric from constantly sliding, I tied bows of black  ribbons through both pieces. Now, I can keep the memories and snuggle under a very warm quilt.


Jessica Boctor Choir Dress Quilt Bow Tie

So there is your challenge, what pieces of memorabilia can you repurpose into something useful? Good luck!