Remember the days when meals were meant to be eventful and would go on for hours with home- cooked fresh food and conversations. In those days, you could relish the food and give your palette pleasure of the taste. Now, the meals have gone unhealthy and the meal time shorter. Many families eat junk and take-away food and get obese. It is essential that you inculcate the habit of relaxing and enjoying the meal by slowing chewing it. Let’s see how it can help

1. Relish the food – Whatever you eat, you need to chew it slowly and relish the taste. When your palette gets the taste of food, you enjoy your meal in true sense. Chewing slowly also helps in improvising the digestion process which initiates in your mouth. Once the chunk gulped down from the mouth is smaller, the process of digestion is better.

2. Fullness – When you eat slow and chew more, you thoroughly enjoy the taste of the food and the time you consume eating keeps you away from the second serving. The fullness studies have shown that the process of your stomach being full is a combination of the time consumed in eating and the number of times food is chewed. Therefore, if you slow down, relax and chew properly; you will eat less which ultimately helps you in losing weight because you shun that extra bite.

3. Healthy eating – Did you know that processed food items are manufactured with the design that they taste yummy and delicious only for the first three bites or so? Yes, it is true. The food engineers design the food in that manner because people gulp it down and not chew it thoroughly. If you try to chew it slowly and wholesomely it will not taste as good as it should. Also, when you eat these processed foods by chewing them thoroughly, a sense of healthy food will be imbibed by itself because you will start concentrating on what you are eating.

Let meals be a social event, always, even if it is with the family, and the best place to avoid having it is in front of the TV!!!!