Whether you’re a busy professional mother or a stay at home mom, trying to keep an organized home is a difficult job even if you are home all day or at the office from 9-5. Being organized takes a fair amount of skill, but with the right tips and tricks, anyone can get an organized home in no time. Here are four easy tips on how to organize your own home, no matter how busy you are.

  1. Ask for help! Many busy moms struggle to keep everything organized and may not want to ask for help, which leads to more mess and more stress. Swallow your pride and enlist the help of your spouse and kids to pitch in with certain chores around the house, which will keep things clean and easier to organize once you have the time.
  2. Tackle one room, item or even file at a time. Instead of trying to do a ton of organization all crammed into one day or one weekend, tackle it one piece at a time to make it much easier. For example, go through that pile of paperwork one evening while watching television, take on the kids’ playroom on a day they’ll be out of the house (ask a friend or family member for a babysitting favor!), or organize your clothes closet early one Saturday morning.
  3. De-clutter and simplify. The old saying “less is more” most certainly applies to home organization, so go through and either donate or trash as much stuff as you can; prioritize what papers you absolutely must keep, file away precious mementos and your child’s artwork, and make important decisions on things like clothes and shoes based on if you’re really going to wear them again. Doing this one weekend at a time will really help to organize, and to keep things organized.
  4. List it. Make a list of what room(s) you want to tackle on a certain day, and then list what you want to get done in that room, such as de-cluttering, deep-cleaning, or just going through files.