Think of how nice it would be if you turn your balcony at home into an oasis of tranquillity where you can sit down and have some rest. You can put some flowers and decorate the balcony in a way that corresponds to your personal needs. After all, we all want to live well. The truth is that the quality our life depends on ourselves and one of the steps  we can take in order to make our home a better place for living is taking care of the balcony.

We offer you six practical ideas that will help you turn your balcony at home into a great resting place. We are aware of the fact that you probably do not have enough space for that, especially if living in an apartment, but we will try to convince you that everything is a matter of will and organization skills.

1. Put some flowers and greenery

We start with the flowers and greenery because it is hard to imagine a resting place without some. Here are some important points you need to have in mind before planting your flowers.


  • The space here is limited so you must use it wisely. A great idea is to hung some flowerpots on the ceiling or the walls. You can also use some flowerpots that are more compact, but do not put the all on the floor of the balcony.
  • Be honest with yourself and think of how much time are you ready to spend taking care of your flowers. If you are not willing to take care of many flowers, have that in mind.

2. Put a small rug on the floor

Tiles and terracotta are not able to create comfort. We offer you to put a small rug on the floor of your balcony that will make it look cosier and more like a separate room. In addition, this way you may go out barefoot on the balcony in the cool spring and autumn mornings.

3. Choose appropriate furniture for the balcony

You should pay attention on the reasonable organization of balcony space, especially if the one you have is limited. Focus on arranging the furniture in order to create a comfortable place where you can have some  rest and forget about your worries.


  • Wooden furniture is not resistant to external weather conditions, so have that in mind
  • Try to put some cabinets or a cupboard that will help you keep your things in order
  • You can also try putting some rattan or bamboo furniture but make sure they don’t get wet. You can also put some decorative pillows in bright colors


4. Put some lightning

The most important thing is to make it functional and romantic. After all, you want to make your oasis and perfect resting place. A great idea is to put some candles or garden lanterns, but you can also use a solar lamp, which can also come in handy if you want to create the romantic effect of muted soft light.

5. Think of the summer and the heat

In order to make your place comfortable, you must think of making a shade for the summer. There is great variety of products that you can use for making this plan real, so the choice is all yours.

6. Put some decoration

There are thousands of ways to decorate your balcony at home and there is one goal only – creating a relaxing atmosphere. You can try to:


  • Put some dry flowers in big jars or little white stones
  • Avoid any plastic elements
  • Try to install a small decorative fountain. The sound of running water has always been soothing and brings great atmosphere.
  • Put some wind bells