Today, there’re no limits to the effects that you can achieve with a creative, landscape lighting. A pleasing lighting system is all about artistry and creativity. No matter if you have a special occasion, or you just want to improve your house’s exterior, this is perhaps the most important outdoor accent. You can either hire a pro, or do it on your own. It is simple and will be ready in a weekend. Here are some creative and stylish ideas.

For your garden
There is a great variety of lighting ideas for your garden. Since it is an inexhaustible source of positiveness and harmony for you and your family, it is very important to choose its light decoration wisely. Nowadays, we are offered plenty of energy saving garden lights. They are beautiful and very functional. Also, there are a lot of extravagant accessories, such as dragonflies and tortoises, which are a great addition to the traditional garden. They can be used to either show your way to the yard, or as beautiful light effects, near to your ponds and fountains. LED lights, solar lamps and decorative lamps are another good solutions, since they are quite affordable, don’t require any source of energy and can be placed in different random places around the entire garden.

Wall lighting
By illuminating your door step and the entrance, wall lights welcome you, your family and your guests. They are very stylish and create a romantic atmosphere in your yard. But perhaps the most important reason, for which they are so functional and widely chosen, is the fact, that they are an essential part of your home’s security and can be used as a very effective warning system against intruders.

The most popular materials are bronze, graphite, steel, copper and painted finishes. Some designers use them to create different wall or floor effects. In order to be stylish and eco-friendly, all of the outdoor wall lights are reduced and today most of them are supplied with energy saving lamps.

For the yard
For creating romantic atmosphere in your yard, you can use … candles! Even during the dark, winter days, such type of decoration is a great way to update the exterior of your home. You can buy some colored bands of sand and place some romantic candles in. Or turn your glass candleholdres into unique accessories, by dressing them in decorative fabric. You can even add some luxury into your summer table, by some floating candles. Choosing candles for the outdoor decoration of your house will give you a great opportunity to use your creativity and imagination. You can combine colors, materials and a variety of ideas. It’s all up to you. Whether you want to turn your yard into a masterpiece of minimalism or you are an admirer of colors, shapes and ornaments, candles are always a great solution for you.

When it comes to lanterns, market allows us to choose among a great variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Today, most of them are even solar powered. Choose the most suitable for your outdoor furniture and hung them on plant hangers in the garden bed. This is a great idea to create a cocoon of light around your summer table or the improvised dining room in your yard. Also, garden-glow lanterns, for instance, are perfect for home parties, weddings and birthdays. Small and large, these lamps cast a warm glow from above and are a fascinating accent when you’re having some special, outdoor occasion or you just want your home to be one of a kind.

Photo credit: HGTV